March 26th 2020

Studio Loos

Studio Loos doors 20:30hrs \ concert 21:00hrs \  €5,-

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b Den Haag

Original photo by Ola Renska

Why sign?


The Municipality of The Hague may stop subsidy for Loos from 2021. Which in effect means that Studio Loos might close its doors permanently.


That would mean the loss of a unique place for musical experiments and home of a vivid community in the center of The Hague. The people behind The Loos Foundation are working hard to make the city reconsider its plans. And you can do your part by signing the petition!





At the same time, following the guidelines of the Dutch government regarding the global Covid-19 outbreak, Studio Loos is closed till further notice. We can't predict when we can resume the regular progra


In the meantime we can offer you our archive; audio and video by some of the excellent artists that performed at Kernel Panic in the past. Browse through the archive (edition 26 and up) and follow links to music, videos and more.

You can visit the Kernel Panic Youtube Channel with live snippets and promo video's.

Or follow Kernel Panic on Instagram and Twitter for additional videos, photos and announcements.



So, stay healthy and stay safe. Share our content, not the virus. We hope to see you all back again to enjoy concerts and performances when it is save for everybody involved.



Thijs Geritz